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Audit, accounting, payroll and taxes for small and large companies.

Through our membership in Baker Tilly Sweden, we have a nationwide network of other independent accounting firms around Sweden. Through Baker Tilly International, we can also offer help with the international issues. We and you as a customer hereby have access to qualified accountants and specialists all over the world.

Specialists in financial services for businesses since 1986

Rådek is a knowledge company that works with auditing, accounting, payroll and taxes. We preferably work with owner-managed companies in most industries.

Through several years of experience, we at Rådek can easily familiarize ourselves with most issues that arise in owner-managed companies. We collaborate with Sweden’s leading advisors in our areas of expertise. For you who are entrepreneurs, we at Rådek want to be the obvious choice. We know we have a good reputation and are happy to give you references.

Today we are about 100 people who work within Rådek. You can find us at one of our offices in Eskilstuna, Flen, Katrineholm, Nyköping and Strängnäs.

The business was started in 1986 by Johan Rudengren. Over the years, co-owners have been added and today Rådek is owned by Johan Rudengren, Stefan Muhrbeck, Björn Bentevik, Jerry Thorin, Anna Simula, Emil Flodqvist, Leif Svalgård, Karin Rudengren, Louise Strömberg and Robin Skagerdal.

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